About Us




  • To deliver an "Outstanding Client Experience" to those companies that stage events in the Meeting & Convention Industry. 

  • To be a true partner to our clients and to compliment their efforts, while never competing against them.   

  • To constantly demonstrate our commitment to the Meeting & Convention Industry by means of dynamic service and support.


Company Philosophy


AV Strategy, Inc. is known as an Audio Visual Equipment Rental Wholesaler, but is commited to their clients beyond their own inventory. Each client of theirs has unique requirements and they will specify where they need them invloved. AV Strategy, Inc. will in turn excute the order to the level that has been requested of them. In this case they are more then just an AV Wholesaler, they are also a Rental Service provider.

AV Strategy, Inc. does not provide labor for set-up or operation. They do not provide labor of any kind. They never compete with those clients that they support and service, as so many in the industry do. Cross renting from your competitors is a popular concept in the Staging industry, but it simply reflects the lack of providers who compliment their client's efforts. Competitors may rent to each other as an alternative revenue stream, but they simply have no interest in you succeding with a client that they would prefer to have for their own. Thus they have no interest in the packaging, timeframes and expectations that you need for your event. if our industry is to continue to set the world's standard for presentations then it is essential to work with partners that focus on delivering a product that integrates into your event while creating efficency that makes sense to the bottom line. That is the basic concept behind AV Strategy, Inc.

AV Strategy, Inc. takes the approach of providing their clients Account Representatives. Jeff, Ron or Tom are all available to take your call, qualify your needs, pull the order and deliver it to you. You will never deal with a Driver who only drives and delivers. You are constantly working with a team member who can see your request through from start to finish.


Management Team


The management team at AV Strategy, Inc. has over 50 years experience in the Audio Visual Rental & Staging industry. Today the managment team is comprised of the President, Director of Sales and the Director of Operations.

The President and Owner of AV Strategy, Inc. is Ron Davey. Ron began in the AV industry in 1990 with Marriott Corporation at their Marriott's Orlando World Center Convention Resort located in Orlando, Florida. This venue is one of the largest convention resorts in North America. Starting off as a Technician with the In-House AV Department, Ron then moved into management as a Supervisor. Soon after he was promoted to Operations Manager of the Department. While with Marriott Ron learned the value of providing outstanding client service and was internally trained in all areas of hospitality management.

In 1994 Ron then went to LMG Inc. as the Rental Manager for the company and was soon promoted to Executive VP of Operations & Rentals. LMG, Inc. is one of the largest privately owned Staging companies in the nation. Initially Ron managed the entire day-to-day operation for the Orlando home office while also managing all rental relationships and their revenue stream. Soon after coming on Ron over saw the operation for the company's Phoenix location and in 1998 added the Orange County Orlando Convention Center to his area of responsibilty. In 2001 Ron then added the Las Vegas location to his Operations and Rental efforts. 

Ron's vast experience in the AV industry area of operations and rental relationships is key to executing the business model at AV Strategy, Inc. Ron understands the logistics that his clients are involved in and understands all the dynamics required in order to provide them outstanding support.   

Jeff Young is the Director of Sales at AV Strategy, Inc. Among the founding management team Jeff has the longest tenor in the industry, having started in the late 80's as a Freelance Technician. Jeff then came on fulltime with Marriott Corporation in the early 90's and pursued his management career while at the Marriott's Orlando World Center Convention Resort as a Supervisor and later was the department Operations Manager and then moved into Sales and was soon promoted to Director of Sales. Jeff then worked in sales for LMG, Inc as the Rental Reprensentative in charge of all rental relationships company wide.  This included Orlando, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Jeff has been involved in all aspects of the staging side of the AV industry. As the Director of Sales Jeff brings to the team a true understanding of what it means to be a Champion for the client. Jeff is considered by the team as a benchmark in the industry when it comes to how best to qualify the needs of our clients. Jeff believes that the success of each order is in the ability to qualify the needs of the client's event. Jeff demands that every request be fully understood so that every aspect of our involvement is a success.

Tom Smith is the Director of Operations at AV Strategy, Inc. Tom's long career in the AV industry has been entirely involved in the operational end of logistical execution. Tom started at LMG Inc. in Orlando, Florida and went on to become the Operations Manager for their Las Vegas office. Tom then worked for one other AV company before coming on as a founding member with AV Stratgey, Inc. Tom's experience also involves every aspect of the Staging industry, with a focus on Inventory Control, Quality Control, Transportation, Asset Management and order fullfilment. Tom is in charge of assuring that our product will meet the expectations of our clients. In our company Tom's team is the success behind every request.

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